plastic engraving and marking

Light on PLASTICS!


How to choose the best laser to permanently mark plastics?

Plastics have become irreplaceable in most industries, with an increasing need for identification and traceability. Natural, coloured, transparent, doped or undoped with multiple additives, plastic reacts differently depending on the laser used.
Presented below are some application examples and best suited laser technologies

plastic laser marking  

Whatever your application:

From technical plastic production to finished products, identification operations need to be carried out for:

  laser technology for plastic marking

What technology should be chosen?

laser machine configuration

Which configuration will meet your needs?

Because every company is unique and works in a different way, these technologies are offered in several configurations:

In-line integrable equipment

- Robust and easy-to-integrate marking lasers, with full expert support direct from the manufacturer

- Able to communicate with your environment, it identifies any part with serial numbers, logos, text, DatamatrixTM codes, barcodes, QR codes, date and hour information

Stand alone solutions

- Class I enclosure for complete safety operation, ergonomic and highly productive tabletop lasers

- Semi-automated workstations can be customized to satisfy the most demanding applications

- Driven by intuitive dedicated software, the operator can access in a few clicks all traceability and creativity functions

Laserable laminates

- Especially developed for laser engraving and cutting in a spectrum of colours, thicknesses and finishes. A complete range covering all needs

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