wood engraving and cutting

WOOD MATERIAL: Special feature


Of all the techniques for engraving on wood, CO2 laser is the technology that offers the highest quality and profitability:

- Fast and versatile: the same machine will perform a variety of operations in a single step,
- Precise: identical engraving and cutting are repeated on every run of workpieces,
- Clean environment, no chips: the laser beam evaporates the material,
- No fixing of workpieces is needed: contactless marking.

  wood cutting and engraving

Engraving and cutting

From solid wood to teak, to MDF, bamboo or sheets of veneer, laser can decorate, cut, hollow out and inscribe information of all kinds (text, images, graphics etc.).

Engraving on flat surfaces, in relief, intaglio, cutting, curves, corners... anything is possible!


1. For cutting wood, opt for a short focal length!

2. For clean cuts with no burn effect, choose a laser machine that offers high speeds.

Extra tip: place adhesive tape over the cutting area before launching the job: it will protect the surface to be cut and will leave the wood perfectly clean!

3. The harder the wood and the greater the thickness to be cut, the greater the power output is needed from your machine.

4. Using air assistance can only improve the quality of cut! It reduces heat at the point of work and eliminates fumes and particles.
Choose a machine with an integrated compressor; this will guarantee silent operation and optimise space.

5. To prevent the wood from overheating, adjust your engraving settings to 300 dpi: the beam scan is then ideal for the engraving of photographs, complex drawings, fine detailing etc.

  engraving laser machine  -LS1000XP

Innovate in the design of objects and add value to your products: sign boards, signage, boxes, toys, invitations, architecture, fixtures, modelling etc.

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  wood laser marking machine - TC500

Identification and traceability

Add your trademark, logo, individual part references, part characteristics, barcode etc. directly to your products. Durable and permanent, laser marking does not fade over time like ink or come loose like labels.




  1. Laser machines offer open connectivity, allowing you to communicate with your industrial network, your databases etc. Very useful for retrieving your product references automatically and without error, avoiding duplications etc.
  2. Connected to a barcode reader, the laser is capable of marking all information in the form of characters, barcodes, 2D DataMatrix TM codes etc.
  3. Choose a fume extractor that is optimised for laser marking: efficient and economical, the ES range guarantees constant marking quality and a machine in perfect working order!
  4. For unfailingly safe working and to economise on the costly development of a Class 1 station, laser specialists place their know-how at your service, and their customised machine service is at your disposal too.

View the video here! Example of a manual marking station for wood packaging 

  wood laser marking machine

Mark and monitor your production: pallets, crating, cooperage, sawmills, skateboards and more.

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personalization on wood  



The versatility of laser allows ultra-personalisation by the unit or run.
Offering infinite creativity, it makes your objects unique and constitutes a valuable driver for growth.


  1. A unique Dedicace Kit enables the faithful retranscription of any wording or drawing onto your objects. A means of increasing the sentimental value of a gift and enhancing your products!
  2. The Print&Cut solution combines printing with cutting. Print your visual using a UV printer. The laser machine takes care of cutting and personalising it.
  3. Photograph engraving: the Laserstyle7 engraving software has a dedicated function, PhotoLase which proposes the appropriate settings according to the type of base material to be engraved.
  4. Engraving settings assistance for each object: the Calibration function helps you to find the ideal settings in just a few clicks, thus avoiding wasted time and multiple trials on your products.

The software that comes with the machine is a valuable aid for all your jobs. The more advanced its functions, the less restricted your creativity!

laser engraving machine - LS100Ex  

Offer a personalisation service and increase your margins: in-store, on retail websites, at your events, public meetings etc.


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