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Easy maintenance for maximum laser performance


SPECIAL FEATURE: Routine and preventive maintenance: optimize the performance of your laser.
It requires just a few minutes of regular maintenance to prolong the service life of your machine and to optimize its performance! Discover our recommendations for maintaining your laser on a day-to-day basis, optimizing its operation and maintaining all its capabilities.

Laser Gantry Laser X-Y table: maintenance of the external components of your laser is all that is required!

Maintaining Gantry laser machines will take you no more than 5 minutes a day! The electronics and the laser source are totally protected within their insulated housing at the rear of the machine. No internal parts require user intervention.
Day-to-day maintenance is reduced thanks to the extraction systems. Routine maintenance is therefore limited to external cleaning of the engraving area, lens maintenance and dusting the fume extraction outlets.
For added convenience, Gravograph machines are supplied with a cleaning kit containing a bottle of lens cleaner, optics cleaning paper and applicators.


optic cleaning Take care of your optics!

All the optics present in the laser must be absolutely clean to ensure that your equipment operates correctly with no risk of impaired engraving quality.

  1. For reasons of safety, always disconnect the power cord from the mains socket before any maintenance operation.
  2. Visually inspect all the optics: mirrors, beam window, focal lens. All the optics in Gravograph laser solutions are easily accessible, requiring no disassembly.
  3. In order to preserve the optical coatings applied to the lenses and mirrors, use the optics paper and the cleaning solution supplied with the laser machine. Do not use alcohol.
  4. A Gravotech innovation: to simplify focal lens cleaning, the lens is fitted into an ergonomic sheath which means it can be held and each surface cleaned without touching the lens.
  5. Never touch an optic with your fingers as the acids from your skin can destroy the coatings on the optics.

Always bear in mind that a clean machine gives better results. In fact the accumulation of debris, dust and other fumes on the machine components, in particular on the optics, can cause uneven or inaccurate engraving, loss of the engraving position, reduced laser power and premature component breakdown.


Laser Galvo-type laser (with beam deflection): maintenance reduced to the bare minimum!

Designed with mechanical components and electronics completely protected inside a dust- and fume-proof housing, the Technifor laser marking heads require no maintenance operations! Only the optics and the control unit blower require specific attention.


galvo laser Maintenance is a very short task, limited to cleaning the lens protection glass. This replaceable glass protects your focal lens, preventing all risk of damage. Your focal lens must always be clean and should be inspected at regular intervals:

  1. Before any maintenance operation, disconnect the power plug. The machine must be shut down with the key at position 0.
  2. Use a suitable optics paper moistened with an acetone based cleaner.
  3. Avoid the use of alcohol, to preserve the optical coatings present on the lenses and mirrors.
  4. The focal lens does not need to be removed for cleaning.

Concerning the control unit, remember regularly to check the protective grilles through which the cooling air circulates. These must be cleaned in order to prevent the accumulation of dust and the consequent over-heating of internal parts.
In highly polluted environments (oily mist, fine dust, high humidity, high temperature), we recommend that the control unit is placed within a ventilated or air conditioned cabinet.
Although minimal, this maintenance helps to optimise the operation of your laser machine, prolongs the service life of its parts and reduces the risk of breakdown.


preventive inspection Preventive inspection of integrated galvo-type laser machines 

To prevent the risk of production down time and to receive expert advice on laser integration, opt for the control inspection. This annual check-up offers you a general inspection of your integrated solutions and allows you to monitor the performance of your laser while prolonging its service life.
During this maintenance operation, our qualified technicians also check the safety of your line, inform your operators, and if necessary offer a reminder of the basics of laser safety. They may also update your laser's software versions.


laser cleaning Cleaning your laser, how often?

The frequency of maintenance must be adapted to the material, the quantity of material and the performance of your exhaust system's blower. This check must be carried out at more frequent intervals if your working environment is difficult or highly polluted.
Gantry X-Y table laser: as a guide, we recommend that you check and if necessary clean your machine after every eight hours of engraving or cutting.
Galvo-type lasers: we recommend that you inspect your optics at least once a week. This check will be carried out more frequently in harsh or intensive environments, or where an upward-directed laser beam has been integrated.

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