Open Parc Lyon: the trophies are signed Gravotech

Open Parc Lyon: the trophies are signed Gravotech


In hardly eight weeks the teams met the challenge to design and realize the trophies for the winners and finalists of the Open Park Auvergne Rhône-Alpes 2017. Entrusted by the organizer of the tournament, Sport Plus Conseil, this mission mobilized all the skills of Gravograph, the entity of the Group specialized in sign and personalization markets.

It combined all the technologies developed in this domain:

A real technological demonstrator.

For the design of trophies, the team joined 3 partners, the Fablab fablab Youfactory (Villeurbanne), X3D Group (Lyon) & Smart METAL Design (Loriol). This partnership allowed Gravotech to pilot the whole performance, from the creation to the production including several phases of prototyping.



the story of the realization (in french)