Type3 CAD/CAM software solutions

Type3: CAD/CAM software publishers for engraving

Type3 is the global leader in design and industrial CAD/CAM solutions, a real bridge between graphic art and industry.

Design at the heart of our know-how

Type3 has been meeting these growing needs for almost 30 years through innovative, efficient and constantly-improved software solutions.

Our initial mission: To combine traditional artistic typography with industry (moulds, logos, stamping or gilding tools).

Then, at the request of our clients, represented by luxury manufacturers and the automobile industry, our solutions evolved.
Today, our solutions also satisfy users of laser or mechanical digitally-controlled machines and 3D printing or rapid prototyping machines.

We have developed a suite of solutions for  2D, 2.5D design and 3D modelling with unrivalled capacities:

3D jewelry design 3DESIGN software 3SHAPER 3D modeling software organic form TYPE EDIT 2D 3D CAD/CAM software for engraving and cutting LASERTYPE 2D 3D CAD/CAM software CNC engraving cutting machine
dedicated to jewellery and fine watchmaking for modelling and sculpting organic shapes, for typography, 2D engraving, decoration, low-relief and cutting for any digitally-controlled machine for applications on laser, marking, 2D engraving, deep engraving and texturing machines
Type3-CAA text engraving add-on for CATIA Dassault  
integrated CATIAV5 solution, for text creation and addition, vectorised images and logos on your industrial parts


With Type3 solutions, you are guaranteed a versatile, professional, effective and innovative solution.

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